Q - Why Should I hire a recruiter?

A - Contingency recruiter can find talent that normally is not looking-passive candidates. These are typically the candidates a firm wants. Also, I only get a fee if I place a candidate. Thus I am working for free unless I find someone for the firm. This added pressure on the recruiter forces them to find you the best talent possible and in the meantime you can be selective on who you want to talk to-if any.

Q - Why should I take on another recruiter-I got a few already?

A - The answer is the more recruiters on a search the better for you. Competition brings out the best in everyone.

Q - My company has an internal recruiter?

A - Well an outside recruiter can only be a complement.

Q - What makes Modern Era Recruiting different from other agencies?

A - First of all, we are dedicated to bring the highest level of customer service and value to each client. We limit the number of searches and I only take on job orders where my background would be an asset and/or advantage. We do not chase job orders that are outside are expertise. I would like us to be considered a niche recruiter.

Q - What are your fees?

A - Good question. Fees normally range between 15-20% of first years salary. My goal is to provide quality service but be affordable. No high priced big agency here.


Q – I am not looking for a new career? Why do I need a recruiter?

A - Even if you are a top performer in your industry/company, it is always good to at least kick the tires out there. In today’s business climate a secure job one day could be gone the next day. I always recommend listening to recruiters and exploring any opportunities out there. You lose nothing. Many of my placements occurred this way.

Q - Do I pay a fee?

A - No. All fees paid by client.


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