Modern Era Recruiting was started by Chris Modenbach in early 2009 to be a full service contingency recruiter. Chris is an experienced recruiter who has 15 years in corporate sales working in the telecom, HP/IBM, supply chain, and data collection world’s selling hardware/software solutions-turnkey. Modern Era Recruiting is mainly permanent placement- but we will do short term/contract placements. Total customer satisfaction and flexibility are what sets us apart. We take the motto “I work for the customer-not vice versa to the extreme”

Chris Modenbach- “What makes me an effective recruiter-I feel is my background. I have walked the walk and talked the talk-I have been a sales rep in the trenches and understand first hand many of my job orders from clients. I feel this is invaluable experience for I can relate to both sides.”

Modern Era Recruiting uses an extensive process to ensure the best possible fit between the candidate and client. Our goal is to offer a level of customer service and expertise that separates us from the other recruiting firms. We work hard during and after the placement to ensure a quality job done right.

Modern Era Recruiting - How We Do It

We work closely with our clients to identify the ideal candidate, clearly defining the major success factors and attention to detail. We do in depth screening and assessment of each candidate.

We deliver quick and effective results. Always staying in touch with the candidate/client.

We understand our client's unique staffing challenges and offer an array of services to handle fulfillment at each level. Every search is customized to each client to matter what the size is.

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